Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New harddrives + Sidux

2x500GB shipped four days ago. And yesterday I build them into my system.

Before that I downloaded the newest Sidux-CD and burned it. After plugging them in, I installed it.
Sidux is a Linux-OS based on Debian Sid. It's basically just a Live CD version of it with some few additional features.

I was quite happy with it. Not much different from Debian Lenny for a normal user like me. Except I could already see that the software was more up-to-date :P

There's a downfall though: Old libraries don't seem to be supported. Well, Debian Sid warned that it is an unstable system, but I thought I'd be fine with it. I don't know if that is permament of or if simply still has to be ported. Two examples being Gtk1.2 and GLib1.2 (part of Gtk basically).
I noticed when I tried to compile some program using Gtk. Using apt-get I downloaded the version 2.0 to see few moments later that it needs version 1.2 and I was a bit surprised not seeing it in the package-list.

After a bit of googling I found out that it's simply not available for Debian Sid, testing or Sidux. I tried downloading the source and compiling it myself, but it depends on GLib1.2. I didn't try downloading and compiling that, but I guess it'll result in another bunch of errors. Maybe I'll try today after having gotten some sleep.

So well, it's either waiting for the support of these old libraries (unlikely), trying to compile it myself (I'll see about that.. and might still switch (see next point)) or getting another distro. As I havn't really done much yet I can still easily change.
I was thinking about some Ubuntu (either that or Xubuntu). Definetly not Debian stable again, as it's just not for people needing up-to-date software but rather for servers or administrators.

I've gone through the list of Debian derviates and found one interesting called Kanotix; but their last update was Janurary last year?!
I guess what I mainly liked about Debian is the Package-manager. Pac-man seems to do about the same job, so I looked up Arch Linux, but I heard from several sources that it's a distro for advanced Linux-users.

Then I found Frugalware. Their website seems down atm, but maybe they're updating their servers or something. I read about it in Wikipedia (here).

Well, so long. Also, I included quite some links in this post, LOL!

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