Thursday, October 8, 2009

My right foot

Last year - well about 14 or 15 month ago - I had ab accident with my left foot, which caused the ligament to be overbend.
This year I've got about the same thing on my right foot, only that they`re not just overbend, but torn.

That actually happened about 4 weeks ago and I forgot to blog about it (shitty network failing), but anyways, now you know.

I remember it hurting like a bitch and then sitting at the waiting room of the hospital for half an hour since all doctors were sleeping and they had to wake one up first to drive there.

After he looked at it, he wasn't quite sure what it is and gave me a bandage and crutches (lol, I just had to look up the word and the first thing that came into my mind was "crotches"), saying that I shall have a doctor looking at it again in two days.

So yeah, two days later, after shool, I visited a hospital again to let it being looked at. I waited for about half an hour - again :P - and the doctor said, that he'll need another X-ray (already gotten two 2 days ago, but he wanted another angle) as he's also not quite sure.
Waited a bit more, was x-rayed, waited some more, got the picture, waited a very long time (about 3h ffs) and the doctor couldn't tell by that, so he took the left foot, shoved the sole a bit forward, took the right foot, which popped a little at a point - hurt like hell for a second - and he said that my ligaments are torn.

But since my foot was swollen quite heavily I needed to wear a static bandage (I really have no idea how to call it) for a week and place my foot high when possible.

Well, now I have a splint in which I can walk. It was a real bitch getting up stairs without the help of my right foot (in school up to 3 etages at a time! 3.5 times a week! (this week 4 times :/)), but well, I made it. Getting down also wasn't too easy.
My left leg now probably has a better muscle than my right one :P Guess that'll get a bit more equal again at some point. You can't really see it anyways, but it bugs me to know it...

I can walk quite good now. Getting down stairs is still a litte weird, but that might just be that splint, which should prohibid me from moving the foot into certain angles anyways.
I'm looking forward to the 23th of this month, since the doctor said that I should be doing fine without that thing. Well, fine as in still not being able to do sports, but not too dangerous to tear them again relatively easy.

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