Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm back online

Yeah, I had no internet for two weeks :'(
Well, not completly true: I had my fathers laptop a few times to check my E-Mail and go on the facepunch-forums.
I wasn't on the Steam-forums since my Windows crashed down, but that will change soon[ish]:

I finally copied the stuff I wanna keep from my NTFS-partitions (Windows drives) together into one folder on my Linux-distro.
What brought me to that is some loneliness and looking through some old files, finding an old chatlog from when Snowball: Source was still in development. Good times. And it reminded me that I really should get my ass up about reinstalling Windows.
Now I'm just buying new hard-drives, probably 2x500GB, and then I'll wish for two more on Christmas to RAID them. I'll also take care of my Windows this time (like defragging & updates).

I also thought of maybe getting Windows 7, although some versions are a big piece of shit and pulling even more money out of the customers.
Why the heck do cheaper versions limit my RAM and supported number of CPUs??

This will probably fill the capabilities of my current case, so I'll throw out my current drives.
I thought about maybe updating my whole system in a year or a year and a half; since I also want a new case, new CPU (thus new motherboard and thus new RAM) and a new graphicscard, I'll keep the drives and try to sell the whole computer.

I havn't really looked around much, but the last time I read stuff about CPUs they were 4 cores max (in one home-computer CPU that is), and now Intel bloats out 8 in their Core i7s. That really knocked me of my feet.
I'm estimating that in a year the price will be low enough to be called cheap. Looking forward from jumping from 2 to 8 cores as programs get more and more threaded sub-programs and thus can use multiple cores.

Well then... now to finally sudo apt-get update & upgrade again...