Monday, August 31, 2009

Still Linux

Yep, I haven't gotten around installing Windows as planned.
Thinking about going through all the folders to save stuff, then somehow still partition the drive nicely and having to wait for Windows to install to finally download all the drivers and set the system to a usable state. And then maintaining it >.<

Oh well, eventually I will be bored enough at some point to actually do it.

On the bright side, we now have double the internet-speed we were expecting. Today our phone-contract of the old company expired and I had to install a new box to get them working with the new contract - it was a pretty fast and easy process to set it all up :D

When it was installed I noticed that the connection-information showed that we have the full internet-speed we are paying for (said some stuff about that in my last post) and after testing it turned out to be true.

A week ago, school started again. This year I'll be heading towards my Abitur. I hope I don't screw this up, I kinda have a habit of not learning for tests :S
There are rare examples, such as history for which I sit down about an hour per day (with some minor distractions) - two days before the test.
But I surely will learn more for this! There's no way I could just pass it without doing (close to) anything.

That is about the post-size I am aiming for. I really should just make posts more frequently.
...although I don't get anything from making them. I hope someone finds them interesting :3


Ionenbombe said...

Internet could be much faster.

z33ky said...

Frankly not for what we pay to our ISP (unless maybe changing that or doing something fancy like using others internets to cluster requests).

Anonymous said...

ZEEKY i can not wait till your back, ive been waiting for over a month now and i seriously want you back!!


chaotika said...

Join Freifunk Dieburg as soon as it's possible. I plan to make it possible to load-balance traffic over our internet-connections.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Windoze Users die!!!