Monday, August 24, 2009

End of August already

Well, at least it seems like I'm holding up to my previous 'standard' of at least one post per month.

So, if you read my last post you might think that I'm on Windows. But shortly after I got that working, some system-file was corrupted. Luckily there was some backup I could restore with the Recovery Console.

That file is somehow related to the drivers; I forgot its name. After reinstalling all the drivers I found the mouse still not working, which is weird since it is a standard-conform USB-mouse. I downloaded the driver from the Logitech-site using the Keyboard, installed them, but that didn't make it work. I found out that the USB-bus-drivers (lol, bus-bus; lol, bus-driver) were some standard drivers from Microsoft, so I changed each one manually to the Gigabyte one. Then I even gone through all the other drivers, to make sure all is set correctly, but still the mouse did not work.
My soundcard was not functioning as well.

Because it all worked well in Ubuntu I downloaded Debian, since my Ubuntu-CD didn't have the newest Ubuntu-version and that Distribution is based upon Debian, and installed it. Out came some kind of quite minimal Debian-installation, but I got my way around most 'problems'.

So right now I am using Debian 5.0 (codename Lenny) and as UI I have LXDE through SLiM.

I'm lacking some scripts to automate a bunch of stuff simply because I'm too lazy to look up how to make them - although I know it's easy as I've done it before - but wut evar ^^
I can't seem to get sourround-sound get to work and my seems to not be a symbolic link everytime I restart the system, so if I'm developing some OpenGL-stuff I have to delete and create a symbolic link every time.

I also had a few problems with hibernation, but that work now as well.

I had plans to re-install Windows since quite a while now, but so far I was just too lazy, since I also have to backup my files. Not because I didn't partition right, but because it's heavily fragmentated (thanks Microsoft and NTFS).
It's quite a bummer, since I can't play my fancy games I was playing before, although having Wine. And I can't get through with the Sourcemod-coding to leave that code behind for a bit and develop something non-Source related.

While we're at Source, Dreamball is kinda dead. Danny wanted it out before his Collage starts, and me being on Linux couldn't develop any further, so he'll just take the stuff we have now and put it out there (not through Steam).
I might get back to that and update it a little and apply some fixes if something is not right.

And another thing on the coding-site: Qt. I've discovered it before, when looking for GUI-libraries. Back then I tried GTK+, gtkmm, FLTK2 and wxWidgets. I didn't like Qts licence, but it's under the LGPL now that Nokia purchased it.

I stumbled upon it when searching for hardware-accelerated vector-graphic libraries other than ShivaVG and AmanithVG (or however it's spelled; will correct & add links later). I found Cairo, which I heard of before, but read somewhere that it wasn't really good for games. It seems to be used in many GUIs having custom looks.
In a mailing list, someone was comparing that to Qts vector graphics. And at that point I thought I'll just try it out.

I downloaded the full SDK and was very suprised, because it has its own IDE.
Apart from that I grasped some stuff from the examples provided and thought of making a Viruz-version, since the Flash-version is dead and I wanted to port it to C++ at some point.
I don't have enough experience and knowledge about Qt though. That project will just have to wait.
I have a screen with a nice backhground, a black rectangle at the bottom for the HUD, which should have some information (currently FPS and amount of viruses), but the text-drawing acts wierd, and bouncing balls, being the viruses, so far. (Damn, what a sentence lol)

Well, that'll have to suffice for now. The post it big enough anyways... I really should start to break them down to individual posts, but I don't feel like simply doing that and posting 3 posts at the same time.
Live with it. Or not.

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