Saturday, May 2, 2009


Let's make an update, shall we?
I dunno.. I don't really feel like writing something; but here it goes!

School is being school again. I've even done some homework at home lately. I seem to have had a down-phase, because I was getting a bunch of bad marks from the tests written last month. Last year I didn't really have to learn anything for the test, but I guess for the next ones I'll better get my ass up.

Coding progressed. I did a little bit on a private project, which is a small class to read and write individual bits to a file. The 'problem' is that the hardware is only capable of writing and reading bytes (= 8 bits). It could probably be done fast with std::bitset or boost::dynamic_bitset, but where's the fun by that :P

Dreamball progressed sweet. The demo is not too far and I can promise you that it will be awesome :D

I helped Dec Doyle a little with coding of his The Mortewood Plaza mod for Half-Life 2. I have to say, it looks damn sweet, but I don't really wanna know how hacked the code for it is :P
I saved me a place for the closed beta with that :D

Spring brings hay fever for me. Pretty annoying, but I got some new kind of immunization last month which should help better than the ones I got before. It seems to be better indeed.

And that's it for today. At least I gave a life-sign since my plan to take over the world obviously has failed. Who knew that you can't train handkerchiefs to kill for you :O

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