Friday, March 13, 2009

Should make a post

don't have time/delight to do so right now. Rome II is going to follow somewhen for sure though.

I had diarrhea the last two days (and this one), but I guess it's over now :)

Been working on my zcript-engine a little, a bit on Dreamball. btw, check out the the latest Dreamball-news and join the forum :D

On aside: I was at a friends (Ionenbombe) house tuesday. We were doing some stuff outside and his cat was wandering around, when she decided to jump on some wodden bars. Ionenbombe said that he's never seen her get up there and we wondered how she'll get down there if not simply jumping to the ground (was kinda high - not too high for a jump from a cat though).
We waited and observed, but she was like teasing us. My friend said that she'd meow if she needed help. After some time she was finally doing it. She was doing something like a wall-walk down.
Ionenbombe picked her up and pet her a little and wanted to set her down, when she jumped on the stairs and made a weird noise. Wondering what that sound was, Ionenbombe had the idea that she probably landed on her stomach and when you get a hit there you too exhale and create a similar sound; while saying that he was gesturing/demonstating it by hitting me gently in the stomach, but I was completly unawear of that movement which caused me to emit that sound and we laughed.
Funny stuff, but I don't know if it's the same if you read it. I hope so.