Saturday, February 7, 2009

Driving license

I got mine :) Damn, I'm so relieved ^.^
But of course my path of learning isn't over. I drove my mother two town further right away - it worked fine so far ;)

It has been a busy week. Monday I met up with someone to prepare a presentation, tuesday I had school till afternoon and then volleyball training; Wednesday driving lesson and a volleyball match. Thursday I had close to no spare time.. at first (after school) a driving lesson and then right away to paramedical service (kind of.. helping at the blood detonation in the name of the red cross). After that (~11:00PM) I had some time. Friday I had my theoritical driving test (almost screwed it), another driving lesson and then volleyball training. Well, today my practical test and now I actually have spare time :D
Tomorrow is parkour training and then I will also have some hours left till school on monday ;)

Last week, on thursday, I was at a KFC for my first time. It's kinda different than a normal burger indeed, but I think I prefer beef. I didn't try out the famous chicken wings there though.

Stay tuned for Dreamball news, because something big is coming this month!! :D

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