Saturday, February 28, 2009


That's where I'm going to go tomorrow. I'll be on a school trip to rome tomorrow, for 6 days.
I've already packed my stuff, but the feeling that I've forgotten something more or less important won't leave me. Guess that's normal though.

Dreamball is progressing, my development could be faster though. I'm gonna be relieved when the new panel for starting games is done lol. Some awesome bunch of news is on its way in about a week or two; if you like, you can follow the development on Twitter.
On a developer site: I've managed to get functions stored in a std::vector pretty neatly - you can write your function and use a makro (in global scope) for adding it to the vector.

I got myself the album Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence by Dream Theater :D It's pretty neat; the second CD is dedicated to one song alone, the so far longest song by Dream Thater (42min.).

I can't think of anything else to write. I made up my mind before and had lots of stuff... now everythings forgotten [d'oh]

Well, hope ya don't miss me :P

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Driving license

I got mine :) Damn, I'm so relieved ^.^
But of course my path of learning isn't over. I drove my mother two town further right away - it worked fine so far ;)

It has been a busy week. Monday I met up with someone to prepare a presentation, tuesday I had school till afternoon and then volleyball training; Wednesday driving lesson and a volleyball match. Thursday I had close to no spare time.. at first (after school) a driving lesson and then right away to paramedical service (kind of.. helping at the blood detonation in the name of the red cross). After that (~11:00PM) I had some time. Friday I had my theoritical driving test (almost screwed it), another driving lesson and then volleyball training. Well, today my practical test and now I actually have spare time :D
Tomorrow is parkour training and then I will also have some hours left till school on monday ;)

Last week, on thursday, I was at a KFC for my first time. It's kinda different than a normal burger indeed, but I think I prefer beef. I didn't try out the famous chicken wings there though.

Stay tuned for Dreamball news, because something big is coming this month!! :D