Saturday, January 17, 2009

School's back on

and it's holding me back from coding.. Mainly because I fell so discharged when I come home. I think I would actually have enough time for all this stuff, but I'm just not strong enough.
But of course I found some time to code.

I fixed some minor issues with Zat, added a little debugging-feature, made many enhancements to a Source-mod (soon to be revealed), which are not much visual but will pay off for extendability, added a particle-effect for Snowball: Source (took me some time, due to bugs that just kinda disappeared).

For school I've made a real crappy random sentence generator, which is crappy and has a quite smallish (and rather crappy) amount of three word-arrays and just picks some randomly (usually crappy sentence) to output them. It's crap, but it works and we (a friend of mine and me) laughed way too much for it being so crappy. Did I mentoin it's crap?
I'm rewriting it anyways, because it's easy to set up in school, compiles quick and we can laugh again. This version will respect gramatical rules 'n stuff. Will I release it? dunno. Probably not.. but let's see about that later.

To my surprise I started working out a little again. Sure, not much, but at least I'm doing something, right? I can't wait seeing it paying off when doing some sports ^^

I added labels for some of my younger posts and I added the followers-gadget, so if you want you can now follow my blog-updates :D

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