Sunday, January 25, 2009

And another one!

Already three posts this month. Kinda awesome.
Anyways, I've been doing some coding on Snowball: Source to get particle-effects. I had some problem with them, but I somehow managed to fix them. Dreamball is coming along a little slower right now, but still progressing good. Zat-development was going great!

But I'm thinking of killing this project, with the following reasons:
  You have to know the IP of the person you want to talk to.
  For an username-based system I'd need to run master-servers.
  (Or let the clients do it themselves and maybe build a module to allow servers to exchange lists with each other)
  It's worse than other chats anyways.
What might have been a sweet feature is the scripting-ability, as it already sits in the roots of the chat. But I'll reuse the script-system anyways because I like it when I think about that I've wrote it by myself (with Boost on my side;)). And the UI (=User Interfaces) having its own dll and such easy loadable.

Loosing a word about Boost, it's still really awesome. I've reached my goal, the actual purpose of my Zat-project, anyways - and that is diving deeper into Boost and learn how to do networking. I already did both successfully. Abandonning this (almost) hopeless project will give me more time to focus on more serious things. Like optimizing my script-system and coding for my mods.

When I get some more particle-effects working for Snowball: Source I'll post some screenshots on our devblog.

On a side-note: I think shorter posts, but more frequet posting encurage the reading more. Not that I've been doing that on purpose, but I just noticed that. yay ^.^

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