Sunday, January 25, 2009

And another one!

Already three posts this month. Kinda awesome.
Anyways, I've been doing some coding on Snowball: Source to get particle-effects. I had some problem with them, but I somehow managed to fix them. Dreamball is coming along a little slower right now, but still progressing good. Zat-development was going great!

But I'm thinking of killing this project, with the following reasons:
  You have to know the IP of the person you want to talk to.
  For an username-based system I'd need to run master-servers.
  (Or let the clients do it themselves and maybe build a module to allow servers to exchange lists with each other)
  It's worse than other chats anyways.
What might have been a sweet feature is the scripting-ability, as it already sits in the roots of the chat. But I'll reuse the script-system anyways because I like it when I think about that I've wrote it by myself (with Boost on my side;)). And the UI (=User Interfaces) having its own dll and such easy loadable.

Loosing a word about Boost, it's still really awesome. I've reached my goal, the actual purpose of my Zat-project, anyways - and that is diving deeper into Boost and learn how to do networking. I already did both successfully. Abandonning this (almost) hopeless project will give me more time to focus on more serious things. Like optimizing my script-system and coding for my mods.

When I get some more particle-effects working for Snowball: Source I'll post some screenshots on our devblog.

On a side-note: I think shorter posts, but more frequet posting encurage the reading more. Not that I've been doing that on purpose, but I just noticed that. yay ^.^

Saturday, January 17, 2009

School's back on

and it's holding me back from coding.. Mainly because I fell so discharged when I come home. I think I would actually have enough time for all this stuff, but I'm just not strong enough.
But of course I found some time to code.

I fixed some minor issues with Zat, added a little debugging-feature, made many enhancements to a Source-mod (soon to be revealed), which are not much visual but will pay off for extendability, added a particle-effect for Snowball: Source (took me some time, due to bugs that just kinda disappeared).

For school I've made a real crappy random sentence generator, which is crappy and has a quite smallish (and rather crappy) amount of three word-arrays and just picks some randomly (usually crappy sentence) to output them. It's crap, but it works and we (a friend of mine and me) laughed way too much for it being so crappy. Did I mentoin it's crap?
I'm rewriting it anyways, because it's easy to set up in school, compiles quick and we can laugh again. This version will respect gramatical rules 'n stuff. Will I release it? dunno. Probably not.. but let's see about that later.

To my surprise I started working out a little again. Sure, not much, but at least I'm doing something, right? I can't wait seeing it paying off when doing some sports ^^

I added labels for some of my younger posts and I added the followers-gadget, so if you want you can now follow my blog-updates :D

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Looking back at 2008 I wonder how fast the time has passed.
What I achieved.. I can't exactly remember, but it includes opening up a blog and posting something almost every month! The one exception is April, but I made 22 posts in 11 month (I started February, so no posts on January). My friends' blog didn't come along that well.. And considering the number of viewers/reader of my blog, then it probably didn't come along well, too. But whatever.
I bought two books about C++. One reference and "Effective C++" by Scott Meyers. That book it definitely worth reading! It taught me quite some things I've always had questions about.
I bought the Orange Box - definitely worth its money, although I'm not that a big player.
I joined some Source-modding teams, left some, began some personal project and even completed one. That was a Tic-Tac-Toe... let's hope the next project, zat, will be finished or in a close-to-finished state.

Speaking of zat, I made some progress in networking. I thought of completing the main-features first, so I have a somewhat working chat before making this scripting-system. I think transmitting messages already works, but I didn't have a chance to test it over the internet.

And then I turned 18, which means I have more freedom, but also more responsibility.

I was in love for the first time. It came very unexpected, and actually already started in 2007. Disregarding that, it was quite an experience. Something I will never forget. I ended the relationship for the good of both of us.
Being a nerd it really is difficult to actually spare enough time, but somehow I managed it. What was tearing us apart were simply the differences.
We didn't have much to talk about and when we found some interesting discussion she was mad at me for having better arguments. I could help with her problems, she couldn't really help me. Then she was complaining about too little conversation, while I tried to explain her that when we have something to talk about she usually gets mad or she is too tired (she's really sleepy) and so I finally couldn't bear seeing her like this. We probably both felt misunderstood and too left alone from the other side.
We are still friends, but thinking about this time makes me feel alone inside.

Speaking of bad things, I know that I could have done more for school. Much more, but it's a thing probably everybody thinks about and finally doesn't do much more.

As New Year's resolutions I want to be more like a few years ago. Which basically means being more restrained - I became more self-confident than it is good for my mind. I also want to work out more regular, but that probably won't happen.

So, getting to the actual festival itself. As a friend of mine said yesterday, New Year's Eve is overrated. The earth spins around the whole time (he didn't prove that though, although I asked :P). I am with him, but humans tend to simply like parties, as they are fun and you see your friends or even make new ones.
Some (many) people also like to drink to heighten their party-spirit or summin'.
But that's not what a festival is about, is it? You actually shall remember what ever happened this day. Well, in this case you probably shall look back and see, what happened this year and what you have archived and looking to the new year, to think about one's New Year's resolutions. But that isn't really done. Instead you party and talk/sing/whatever with your friends 'n stuff.

But well, I've been writing on this blog-post quite a while (more than half an hour!), and I want to do some other stuff today, so have a fulfilling new year!