Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Birthday

Now I'm one year older.
Happy Birthday!
My life still isn't over...
Happy Birthday!
I did not accomplish much
- but I didn't die this year,
I guess that's good enough!
-->Lurk here

"You did not accomplish much" - true, true. About one year ago I changed my way of thinking a bit, that was when I started training my muscles. I should have started that a long time ago. I'm on seeking for martial arts aswell - right now considering Ninjutsu.
Well, I got some money for birthday and I'll spend some for weights, the rest.. I don't know.. will probably go to the bank.

I noticed that people are complaining about the smallest things. Today at subways they didn't have enough mayonnaise, so they took some yoghurt-sauce. And were only two employees: one new and one more experienced. Of cause the new one had some problems.
My mum was complaining about that little shit. C'mon, it's still eatable and it still tastes awesome.
There are also people who just keep on smiling.
I usually try to swallow down those little things, allthough they bug me as I'm some kind of perfectionistic. And as it doesn't change anything and if you complain to the person who (seemed) to made the mistake it'll just piss him off. People are making mistakes, there is no way around that.
I wondered if that's why normal people are not that depressed. I am sick of living - is that somehow connected?
Well, I'll just try to ignore that stuff and distract myself with programming and games.