Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well, yea. Merry Christmas to whoever reads this.

So... this post is not specifically on the 25th, it just happens to be so.
I already know what you will think when I say this: I abandoned the genetic algorithm-program. There's to real reason for this, I just lost interest and noone else really showed some.
Now, you probably think "Can this guy finish anything he starts?!" and you are actually kinda right; but to my defense progress on Snowball: Source is going again, after a while coding nothing for that. And I coded some for another mod, but I'm too lazy to tell you about it.

A friend asked me if I could write a program to automate a copy-process. I wanted to have one myself, too, so I immediately began coding. I decided to use boost::filesystem for that. The first serious use of Boost and it turned out to be awesome. While I've written another program for him (for reasons I'm too lazy to explain) I gathered nice experience with Boost - so I decided to make further use of it:

I've started a new project ("Another will-be-abandoned?" you might think): Zat.
I actually wanted to call it ZChat, but that name is already taken, so I decided to name it Zat, as ch kinda sounds alike z (not really, but whatever; I couldn't come up with a better name). The full name is "Zeeky's chat-program" and it will have some nice stuff.

I want it to communicate with an own protocol, which will use boost::asio. It won't have any fancy features I guess.
Then there's the client- and server-side library, which will handle sending/receiving messages with the protocol and such stuff.
For the UI (=User Interface) I will release interfaces and the option within the chat-application so you can choose between some. At first I will only supply console-UI's.
And I will also write a scripting-system, which will allow you to automate stuff or write plug-ins. The script-language is self-developed and should be very simple. You will be able to use callbacks and, to fasten the execution and lowering the size, they will be compilable; no script-optimizations will be made though. It will be (very) simple byte-code.

What's better about this project is that I have much control about how to do stuff and what to implement. And I will learn more about Boost. I guess some friends also show mild interest.
I'm not sure yet if I will release the code; but there definitely will be interfaces, so you can code UI's.

I've already started coding the scripting-system (nothing about the script-language itself though) and so far everything is coming along nicely. A release is not yet promised, as I didn't look deeply into boost::asio.

A side-note: Google Chrome is great!

P.S.: This blog-post is kinda dedicated to AgeNt_ (not really).

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