Sunday, October 5, 2008

SDL 1.3 (SVN)

About three month ago I downloaded the newest version of SDL - not 1.2.* but the newest subversion.
I wasn't so happy about hearing that they gave up on SDL 2 but instead were implementing the features to 1.2. Well, what shall one do; at least they are still caring about it, since it is their sparetime.

I searched for a tutorial or atleast a documentation, but there was none. 1.3 has a backwards compatiblity to 1.2.* through SDL_compat.c, but I want to do it the clean way.
So I searched around the library untill I got a OpenGL backedned window opened.
But I didn't code any further, because of the drawback on OpenGL 3. I dropped the thing until now:
I decided to make a little engine (probably just for learning-purposes) with DirectX. While searching for tutorials I found a piece of code which allowed you to use SDL with DirectX. So what I'm (hopefully) gonna do, is write an interface so you can use both, OpenGL and DirectX.

But there still is no decent documentation or tutorial for SDL 1.3, so I'm going to look further into the library and experiment with my code untill I got stuff working as they should. As I don't have any other site to report my progress and code (yes, I'll tell you how to do stuff if I can find it out), I'll just blog about it.
Maybe I'm gonna get a GameDev-account. I don't know yet - at first I'm going to hack my way through SDL 1.3 again.

Stay tuned for updates on SDL 1.3 as well as for information about my engine. I'm thinking about OpenSourceing it.

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